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Thursday,Dec 13,2018 
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What is a taxonomy?

Taxonomy is one of those words that most people never hear or use. Basically, a taxonomy is a way to group things together.

For example, I might have a bunch of different types of animals. I can group them together according to various characteristics and then assign those groups names. This is something most people encounter in biology classes, and it is known as the Linnaean Taxonomy.

Taxonomy of NABAT:

Aachen AbolishICE AIM AkronAnons Anakata Anarchists Anonymous BitTorrent BlackLivesMatter CodePink COINTELPRO DmitryBogatov EndPrisonSlavery Expropriation FreeAhed FreeAhedTamimi FreeAnons FreeBogatov FreeComradeMalik FreeDmitryKlepikov FreeHacktics FreeJeremy FreeLeonardPeltier FreeMattDeHart Indonesia JeremyHammond KAction LauriLove NABPP NoLove4USGov OpEXPOSED OpFreePhoenix420 Papua PoliceState PoliticalPrisoner RealityWinner Repression Russia SocialWar Solidarity StandWithReality Support ThePirateBay Tor TrialAtHome
Whoever lays his hand on our comrade hAcKtIcs, is a usurper and tyrant, and we declare you our enemy.