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Thursday,Dec 13,2018 
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Please show some love for comrade @brazenqueer

It is amazing the things we don’t know about each other. But know this: We ALL struggle. @brazenqueer runs @FreeJeremyNet. If you care about Jeremy, you must care for her, too. She has put her all into him. She needs us, as we need her. Please help. Compassion with comrades. She’s been there for Jeremy Hammond for years. Today she needs US, saw Jeremy recently. He is as honest and genuine a person can be. We KNOW how much he would want us to assist.

At the beginning of September, I was put on a new medication to (hopefully) help control my rapidly deteriorating mental health. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of this medication, Topamax, is paresthesia, which is a fancy word for numbness and tingling. My paresthesia is located in my hands. It comes and goes, and varies in intensity, from barely noticeable, to complete loss of feeling from the tips of my fingers to my mid forearms. It can be in just one hand, it can switch back and forth between both hands, or can be in both hands at the same time. It’s not exactly *painful* (I liken it to holding static), but it’s definitely annoying, and makes everyday tasks difficult. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with this particular side effect, but no such luck. Luckily, this side effect is (in most cases) temporary (knock on wood) and goes away once your body adjusts to the meds.

On Monday, September 10, I shared with my manager at my place of employment (a coffee shop) that I was experiencing this side effect and asked that I not be placed on bar (where the drinks are made) for about 2 weeks as not being able to feel my hands was making it difficult to feel how hard I need to grasp things to pick them up and I was concerned about dropping drinks (and potentially burning myself on hot liquids), heavy milk jugs, and other things. He suggested I call corporate and ask for a temporary disability accommodation request. I did so, and was told some one would get back to me in two business days.

On Wednesday, September 12, at 5:08 PM, I was informed my accommodation requested had been denied, as they could not remove an essential function from my job duties.

At 7:36 PM on the same day, I received a call from my manager saying I was being placed on a mandatory leave of absence, as I had been deemed a “danger to customers”. I called corporate and was told that, while I could file a claim for disability through my company, I would be required to also file a disability claim through the state, and any determination for disability through the company would be contingent upon the decision the state made, a decision that could take months to work through the system. While the decision was working through the state, no money would be paid out to me on any disability claim. However, even if I am awarded disability, it only pays a little over 66.67% of my total salary, which comes out to well under minimum wage. I’m already expecting my disability claim to be denied since this is a side effect of a medication – their response will almost assuredly be, “Well, just get on another medication!” Nevermind that I have been on probably over a dozen other medications and this one is one that we know actually works. Nevermind that one of the reasons my doctor and I also discussed putting me back on it was to control my rapidly worsening migraines. Nevermind that a decision like that puts me in a position to choose between my job and my mental health. To the state, it’s “just a medication” and my side effects will be easily remedied by just picking another one.

My manager was already ordered by the higher-ups to cover my shifts for the next several weeks, so I started this GoFundMe to cover my lost wages for those weeks. My job is my ONLY source of income. I am the single mother to a disabled child. I receive NO child support, NO cash assistance from the state, NOTHING. Without income from work, I cannot pay rent, I cannot keep the lights on, I cannot put gas in my car to get my son to therapy.

This was completely unexpected, and is forcing me to choose between my job and my mental health. Please, please help.

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