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Dmitry Klepikov Tor’s exit node admin arrested

The activist of the Libertarian Party, Dmitry Klepikov, who was detained and escorted to Smolensk, was running a Tor’s exit node, Kirill Samodurov, member of the party told that the case brought against Klepikov is analogous to the case of Dmitry Bogatov, who is accused in the case of calls for terrorism and an attempt to organize mass riots. According to him, Klepikov, like a mathematician, supported Tor’s network. As the activist said, an unidentified Tor user committed an unlawful action from the IP address of Klepikov. Samodurov claims that there is no other connection with Klepikov, except for the IP address, the investigation has no effect. The activist himself denies his guilt.

Samodurov stressed that in the interests of the suspect, the defense has not yet announced an article on which a criminal case has been brought against him. The activist also specified that Klepikova was detained not for illegal publication but for unlawful “communication” on the Internet. On February 13, the court will determine the measure of restraint for the detainee.

The day before it became known that the investigator came home to Klepikov in the village Molod of the Moscow region and said that a criminal case had been initiated against him “in connection with the publication in the social network.” At the same time, the investigator did not specify which article and for which publication the case was brought. During the search Klepikova seized all the equipment.

After this, the activist was sent to a temporary detention center in Smolensk, where the case was opened. The activist noted that he had nothing to do with Smolensk and was never registered there.

Mathematics Dmitry Bogatov was detained in early April 2017 in the case of calls for participation in the April 2 rally, published on the forum . The defense emphasized that the mathematician Bogatov is the operator of the Tor output node, and hence messages from any user of this network were published from his IP address. In addition, during the publication of one of the appeals, the mathematician was with his wife in the store.

At the end of January 2018, the examination carried out confirmed the non-participation of the mathematician Bogatov to the calls for terrorism, later he was released on recognizance not to leave the place. Prior to this, the mathematician spent several months in jail, and from July 2017 was under house arrest.

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