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Thursday,Dec 13,2018 
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James Edward Robinson was arrested on May 8th. He was held incognito for 7 days until he was arraigned. The federal government promptly disappeared him again and he remained purposefully hidden until the morning of June 5th. It took that long for the system to make as mistake and that mistake finally gave his defense committee the break Read more » 

The administrator of an anonymous online network has been acquitted of terrorism charges one year after Russian authorities detained him for allegedly calling for riots on Moscow’s Red Square. Dmitry Bogatov, 26, was detained in April 2017 and charged with inciting terrorism in posts online. The math teacher denied writing the posts, adding that anyone Read more » 

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An Akron man aligned with the online hacking collective Anonymous was arrested Thursday for launching cyberattacks on websites for the city of Akron and its police department, according to the FBI. James Robinson, 32, admitted he was responsible for the attacks on the Akron websites and between Aug. 1 and Aug. 5, as Read more » 

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The activist of the Libertarian Party, Dmitry Klepikov, who was detained and escorted to Smolensk, was running a Tor’s exit node, Kirill Samodurov, member of the party told that the case brought against Klepikov is analogous to the case of Dmitry Bogatov, who is accused in the case of calls for terrorism and an attempt Read more » 

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Lauri Love will not be extradited to the USA. Delighted for him and his family. #extradition. — Karen Todner (@karentodner) February 5, 2018 US officials demanded he be tried there but Mr Love, who has Asperger syndrome, said he feared dying in jail there. Appeal judges said it would “not be oppressive” to “prosecute Mr Read more » 

Whoever lays his hand on our comrade hAcKtIcs, is a usurper and tyrant, and we declare you our enemy.