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Thursday,Dec 13,2018 
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One of the women activists of the National Student Front (FMN) and also a radical feminist who is active as editor in chief of Merah Muda Memudar (MMM), Anindya Shabrina, was threatened with criminalization after complaining of sexual abuse cases by police officers she experienced during the forced dissolution of discussions of Papuan students in Read more » 

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It is amazing the things we don’t know about each other. But know this: We ALL struggle. @brazenqueer runs @FreeJeremyNet. If you care about Jeremy, you must care for her, too. She has put her all into him. She needs us, as we need her. Please help. Compassion with comrades. She’s been there for Jeremy Read more » 

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Leonard Peltier (of the Anishinabe, Dakota, and Lakota Nations) traces the roots of his political activism to the rank racism and brutal poverty he experienced every day as an Indian child growing up on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Fort Totten Sioux reservations in North Dakota. Peltier lived his life for the People, doing what Read more » 

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Dmitry Bogatov jailed since April 10, 2017 a software developer, math lecturer at Moscow’s Finance and Law University, free software supporter, Debian and GNU projects contributor, esperantist. Dmitry Bogatov is accused of part 2 of article 205.2 of Russian Criminal code (incitement of terrorist activities or justifying terrorism via the Internet), part 1 of article Read more » 

Whoever lays his hand on our comrade hAcKtIcs, is a usurper and tyrant, and we declare you our enemy.